On the market there are spheres of different external structures, from models in high impact polycarbonate, with the rotor in zinc or in ABS, a model with steel covers and solid rotor in zinc (heavier) or in high speed laminated aluminum (more light). The best performing models also have a digital display with a speed counter. The brand is important but that’s not all. There are several models, which are distinguished by their weight and design. Some manage to put up a resistance force of 11 kilograms, while others reach 18 or 22 kilos. All, however, are about the size of a tennis ball.



Below are some of the Powerball that is easily found online:


1) Powerball Series 280 Hz

The Powerball Autostart version comes as a black polycarbonate sphere and a stainless steel internal rotor. The structure is smooth, offers a good grip to those who use it, and is also equipped with an “autostart” system, ie the automatic start of the internal gyroscope: just start the rotor a few turns with your hand and let it go.


The resistance capacity of this version is 16 kg, with a rotation that generates 11.3 kg of force at 10,000 revolutions, but which also offers the possibility of reaching the speed of 18,000 revolutions.


Thanks to this tool it will be possible to train strength and endurance, as well as perform rehabilitation exercises correctly given the number of reduced vibrations, equal to only 280 Hz. The only negative aspect is that it does not have a case in which to store it.



2) Powerball NSD 280 Hz

The NSD version is a Powerball designed to be used both in strength and endurance training and to intervene in case of carpal tunnel rehabilitation or any inflammation of the wrist.


It comes with an external structure in transparent polycarbonate and white serigraphs with the Powerball logo. Inside there is a steel rotor that is activated automatically, simply by making a few turns with the hand and releasing it. It does not require batteries and is also guaranteed extreme impact resistance. The rotations can reach up to 18,000 revolutions with a capacity to produce a resistance ranging from 0 to 16 kg.


Very compact and with attractive colors thanks to the combination of black, blue, and white. It does not have a lap calculation system.

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